Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 19: 2/16/12

I gave a test today. When I checked them during lunch they weren’t good at all so I have to go back and reteach things then give a quiz. It sucks because I was excited to talk about animals and see if this unit would even fall through. I’ve been feeling pressured in the classroom to have student work up and I haven’t given them much to do as far as projects. I don’t feel like being there half of the time. I think that if I taught in English the test fail wouldn’t have been so bad. The teacher had to leave early today and I took over teaching. There was another teacher there to help but she sat back and watched me. She said I did alright so I’m getting there.
This is our bean plan! Look how big it has grown!

This is our chart of observation. The students were told to observe, write and draw what they see. This was for 10 days. They used their vocabulary words. Some wrote in English, others in Spanish but it was a good way to have them water and observe the growth of their plants.                                                          


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