Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 3: 3/21/12

Day 2: I had to attend an all day staff development that was interesting. All about administering the state tests and the additions this year. There was no school for students so it was a hard 2nd day to get used to things just because it was a workshop/ catchup day for resource teachers. 

It is such a busy time right now for resource teachers. There are IEPs to fill out and meetings to attend, not to mention having grades 1-5 come to you with work incomplete because of confusion and you are there as a helper and strategy implementer so these students can pass the NYS tests. It is frustrating to be in my cooperating teacher's shoes. I'm starting to take over without my own lessons this week. Even though this is my observation week. I need to do something so I don't fall asleep in this closet of a resource room.
Today I helped some students with their work and my supervisor came in to see what my placement has in store for me. My cooperating teacher is really smart and has been through a lot.
"Everyday is a new challenge and you can't expect to be prepared for everything day to day."

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