Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 39: 3/16/12

My last day is finally here! I was able to get everything done. My class is really going to miss me. We were able to have a pizza party. I brought in green sugar cookies for the class along with a little gift. I made cupcakes for the teachers that worked with me and principal I hope they liked it! I was able to share a piece of me before I left. I brought my scrapbooks to show the class. This gave them an idea of what places around the world are like. They really enjoyed this show and tell. I also read them a letter I wrote and some of my students cried. I was touched to know that I am cared about..
There were ups and downs during this placement and I'm glad I had to experience it all. I see that I have grown and others have commented as well.
Here is what I made my class:

All in time for St. Patrick's Day!
I also wrote them this letter:

Dear Mrs. __ ___ 3rd Grade Class of 2011-2012,

         I want to thank you all for welcoming me into your classroom. I enjoyed staying in your class with you. I walked in ready to learn. I have been to third grade before, but not like this. You helped me with my Spanish. I learned that being bilingual is important and unique, just like each of you. We were able to race on the playground until we were tired. I learned that it’s always a race to be the line leader. It was fun to grow bean plants in science. Sometimes we have to be patient and slow down to watch the little things. You taught me all about Chinese New Year and celebrating with you was a real treat! You helped me know what it takes to become a teacher and showed me you really cared on Valentine’s Day. I liked the playground project and seeing your minds at work, building your simple machines. I learned that when we get an answer right we say, “YES!” You really made me proud with all of the work you did. I learned that pencils and erasers are very important to smart 3rd graders, even though some days we might forget them. Dr. Seuss’ birthday was fun! I learned that having fun with words is important to be Seussesful. I enjoyed listening to you read during dismissal. I could see that you were proud of yourselves and that is an amazing achievement. Thank you so much for working together as a class and teaching me all you know. I will miss you. Keep working hard in 3rd grade. I know you will be great 4th graders too! Keep being the Super Stars that you are.
Your student teacher,
Ms. Figueroa

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