Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 2: Emerged

Day 5: 3/23/12
This was a Friday and I was glad! There was nothing specific that I can remember.

Day 6: 3/ 26/12
Happy Monday! I said that to my 5th grade boys and they said: no body likes Mondays. There is nothing happy about them. It was a good try I think.
Took over basically just like I've been doing. There is really nothing to do because my teacher is so busy writing IEP's to prepare for her meetings this week that I go over past state exams and help with homework.
There are no jobs here. I feel like everyone in school is walking on eggshells because of these budget cuts. There's nothing to do but look good, make good impressions and take all the ideas I can so I can be a good teacher.

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