Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 5: Science and ELA (alone in the classroom more)

Day 21: 2/21/12
It’s Tuesday. Walked into school today like a zombie. I had a crazy weekend with the ATS-W and all the lesson planning I had to take care of. Not to mention tomorrow I’m getting observed for the 2nd time. I’m not nervous about it at all but I do have a lot of work to cover to be prepared for it. I did an ELA lesson on working with informational text and the parts of the book. I did a fine job, says the teacher. I think I did well and the kids were really answering the questions. It was good. My teacher had a meeting at 12 so I had lunch alone, took the kids out to play and took them to gym. After gym I had them walking back to class. They were talkative and I told them they are embarrassing themselves and they weren’t my class. That they are representing themselves. Very harsh statement, especially coming from ME in the hallway where others can hear me. I feel horrible about what I said. But we live and we learn. It was a mistake and I am frustrated. The kids were good for me. I’m glad I’m getting better at managing them. I went to counseling today. Since I was late it was short. It sucks. I need the talking the most in life and I dread going sometimes.

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