Monday, April 2, 2012


So I'm chunking days together because I haven't been writing much.

Day 8: 3/28/12
 Just a regular day.... 
When something unusual happens I'll let you know!

Day 9: 3/29/12
 I went to SMARTboard training yesterday and came in with all of these ideas that I can do for my first observation. I got so excited I created slides and everything. We spent the day setting up the SMARTboard and playing around with it. BUT I went to touch it and the sensor doesn't work. 
Back to the drawing board to prepare a good lesson for next Wednesday.

Day 10: 3/30/12
Today I sat through IEP meeting all day. I learned a lot about how dedicated some parents can be and how others aren't as much. I walked in and met the sub first thing in the morning. I explained everything to him about how we went about our day. I felt good doing that. I like this placement but the paper work not so much.
Its going well. Yay!

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